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About Linkideo

Because freedom is more than an idea, join the Linkideo network today!


Linkideo is a young company that has been created in 2007.

Normandy Global LLC is the legal entity operating the Linkideo services:
  • team at
  • +1-302-956-9896
The creator and CEO of Linkideo is a staunch defender of freedom and liberty on the World Wide Web, he has launched many a industry and is considered by many as an expert in the field of digital privacy.

Linkideo is a totally secure internet facility, it allows users to log on to the www (website, services, online-software) via its connection and with complete anonymity surf the web, use online services and software and browse any sites without fear of persecution and legal proceedings without the need for additional software and constant updates.

This revolutionary concept is available to the mass markets, it is competitively priced, but as Linkideo CEO says :
"To be rich is useless without Freedom, Freedom has no price, but if it has one, it would certainly be Linkideo's!"

Like you, many other cyber enthusiasts have sought to protect their personal liberties and freedoms, Linkideo has provided them, and can too for you! A secure way to conduct online activity whilst maintaining complete anonymity.

"Because freedom is more than an idea, join the Linkideo network today!"

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